PiVerse provides a range of intellectual property support services to law firms, patent owners, financial organizations, and other entities in Europe, North America, and Asia.  PiVerse is structured differently than other legal support services providers in that we utilize technical/scientific expertise in our Delhi, India office, but each workproduct is finalized and submitted to our clients by domestic IP advisors in the United States or Europe.  In cases involving a regular supply of projects directed to a certain technology or having periodically recurring issues, we have the ability to form teams of professionals tailored to that technology or issue to enhance workproduct quality, efficiency, and timeliness, and welcome our clients’ input in helping us to form those teams. This unique structure allows us to supply a substantively high quality workproduct at costs that are typically lower than competing domestic legal support services providers.

PiVerse approaches each transaction with a balanced and client-focused perspective, regardless of transaction size, complexity, and deadline. We partner with our clients for the purpose of achieving our clients’ tactical, strategic, and/or logistical goals, such as to optimize their IP positions, monetize their IP, and/or protect their commercial operations. Our services also help some of our clients, such as law firms, to scale their legal operations by reducing overhead expenses and the financial burdens associated with growth, including the payment of salaries, new employee training, costs of obtaining and maintaining office space, etc. Some of our other clients, such as financial organizations, private equity groups, and venture capitalists, incorporate our services into their investment strategies and base their business decisions on our advice.